UK Industry in Transition 1966­­–79; APG from the Corporation's Perspective
Monday 19 November 2012, 6.30pm

During the late sixties and seventies the industrial workplace became the site of considerable social/political tension. APG created a framework that enabled artists to question how they could meaningfully intervene in the workplace and in turn, whether or not host organisations (especially large corporations) could view their interventions positively. Through working within Britain’s industrial landscape and initiating discussions with international CEOs throughout the seventies, APG can also claim to have charted Britain’s transition from ‘heavy’ industry (steel manufacture, coal mining, oil and rail) to the third sector (The Department of the Environment and Peterlee Corporation).


This sixth ‘sculpture’ in the series was be moderated by David Hulks and included Chris Patey (formerly with British Steel Corporation), Peter Byrom (formerly with ICI Fibres Ltd.) and Barbara Steveni. 


Audio recording