Guy Brett and Lars Bang Larsen in conversation
Wednesday 31 March 2010, 7pm

For the exhibition ‘A History of Irritated Material’, Raven Row commissioned the translation into English of part of Suely Rolnik's compendious research project Lygia Clark, from Object to Event, an archive of video interviews on Lygia Clark, focusing on her late project Structuring the Self(1977–87), the culmination of Clark’s life-art. Raven Row hosted a discussion between Guy Brett, close friend of Lygia Clark and one of the key interpreters of her work, and Lars Bang Larsen, curator of the exhibition, who has written extensively about Rolnik's project. The discussion considered Lygia Clark’s radical proposals involving the body in its sensory and sensual capacities, and Suely Rolnik’s attempt to reactivate Clark’s ideas via a ‘living archive’.


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