Education: Not Knowing
Tuesday 13 November 2012, 2–6pm

This fifth public discussion based on Artist Placement Group’s discursive format The Sculpture explores Education: Not Knowing.

Inspired by APG’s working practices, a Think Tank has been meeting at Chelsea College of Art and Design to convene a Sculpture. Given the drive to instrumentalise all aspects of creative education, the possibility of ‘not knowing’ (inherent in APG’s formulation of the ‘Open Brief’) seems increasingly radical, subversive and productive.  Education: Not Knowing will be a vibrant afternoon of discussion and exchange unfolding through five key APG themes: Placement, Education, Not Knowing, The Contract and the Gallery.


The intention through this discussion is not to dwell on the history of APG, but to reinstall the Group’s ‘DNA’ in the present.


The Sculpture includes the participation of (amongst others) Felicity Allen, David Garcia, Laure Genillard, Lucy Gunning, David Harding, Jakob Jakobsen, Dean Kenning, Andrew McGettigan, Neil Mullholland, Andrea Phillips, Kathleen Rogers, Ruth Towse, Jane Trowell and Barbara Steveni, and the Think Tank: Dave Beech, David Cross, Neil Cummings, Antony Hudek and Jo Melvin. 


Education: Not Knowing was organised in collaboration with Chelsea College of Art and Design, at the CCW Graduate School, University of the Arts London.