Vuta N’Kuvute [Tug of War], dir. by Amil Shivji
Saturday 29 April

Vuta N’Kuvute [Tug of War]

Dir. Amil Shivji, 2021

Tanzania, South Africa, Germany, Qatar


Introduced by Dr Ida Hadjivayanis


In this coming-of-age political love story, an adaptation of Adam Shafi’s Swahili novel of the same name, romance is set against the harsh waves of British rule and the local militant struggle for liberation. In the final years of colonial Zanzibar, Denge, a young freedom fighter, meets Yasmin, an Indian-Zanzibari woman, as she flees from an arranged marriage in the middle of the night.




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Image: Vuta N'Kuvute [Tug of War], 2021 (dir. Amil Shivji). Courtesy Big World Cinema.